Replacing Your Laptop's Battery

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When to Replace Your Laptop Battery

Batteries are considered by most laptop manufacturers to be consumable items that wear out over time, and for a good reason. Many laptop batteries will fail long before the expected lifespan of the laptop itself. A battery should provide 500 charge cycles, but usage can cause this to fluctuate from 300 to 1,000. Even batteries in storage typically lose 20-35% capacity per year. How a battery is used and maintained largely determines its lifetime. Even taking all precautions, a laptop battery will often decline faster than the laptop itself and need replacing. Look for the signs that indicate when it’s necessary to replace your laptop battery.


Troubleshooting Issues

Failing batteries can manifest in several ways. As a battery begins to fail, you will first notice that the laptop battery is draining faster than you are used to after a full charge. You may also notice your laptop’s battery power jumping from high to low quickly, or your laptop powering off suddenly.

Not all power issues are battery related, however, the following are the most common failure and symptoms:

Battery Issues

o   Quick battery charge depletion

o   Unable to charge past a certain percent

o   Battery will not charge

o   Blinking or non-lit battery indicator LED

o   The laptop does not recognize the battery

o   The battery swells, causing your laptop case to bulge or split

AC Power Adapter Issues

o   The laptop does not power on with AC Adapter plugged in

o   AC Adapter LED does not light up

o   The laptop does not recognize the AC Adapter

DC/Power Jack Issues

o   Physical damage, like a cracked case

o   AC Adapter plug is loose or wobbles when plugged in

To further assist in identifying a power issue, most laptop manufacturers have diagnostic tools installed. Refer to your laptop manufacturer’s documentation for how to run tests such as a ‘Battery Health Test.’


Swollen Laptop Batteries

Swollen batteries do not pose a safety hazard while they are in your laptop, but they may cause further damage to your unit. Thin and light laptops are built with very tight tolerances with little extra room inside the case, so a swollen battery can apply pressure to the case or other components causing them to bend, crack or break. If you suspect your laptop battery has swollen we advise bringing your laptop to our Knowledge Bar for diagnosis. Schedule an appointment and our technicians will inspect and advise you on the next best course of action. If a replacement battery is needed, we can typically replace it while you wait and safely dispose of the old battery.


Benefits of a New Battery

Because batteries will fail long before a laptop has become obsolete, installing a replacement battery can be a great way to gain extra life out of an otherwise good machine. Laptop battery packs are one of the least expensive repairs available for a laptop. Micro Center’s Knowledge Bar offers replacement batteries and installation service for all thin and light laptops and Apple MacBooks, whether the laptop was purchased at Micro Center or elsewhere. Replacing a failing battery will make your old machine feel new again. Regain the option to use your laptop wherever you are, no outlet needed.


There are a variety of new 3rd party batteries online, and we understand the choice can sometimes be overwhelming. Micro Center offers new OEM and 3rd party batteries that have been tested for fitment, power delivery, and battery life. When buying a new laptop battery from Micro Center you can rest assured it will power your laptop as if it were brand new.

Check out our selection of laptop battery replacements for many major brands and models!


Micro Center Laptop Battery Replacement Service

Micro Center’s professional laptop battery installation service is available for batteries that require laptop disassembly for installation. We repair thousands of computers every week across our 25 locations. You can expect all of the following as part of the service:

o   Quick, professional installation

o   Completed while you shop, or dropoff and pick up same day

o   Complimentary cleaning, any dust found removed

o   Verification of proper battery function

o   Proper disposal of your old battery

o   1-Year parts and 30-day labor warranty

Schedule an appointment today to get your battery replaced and your laptop running like new!

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