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Would tonight be a good night to camp at Columbus in hopes to get a 3080 TUF or TRIO? Would tomorrow night be any better/worse?


  • TS_BryantA
    Good evening @Jsza99
    I apologize we do not have any specific times when it would be a good time to line up for certain 3080 Graphics Cards. We do not have a listing on when exactly we will receive these cards since quantities received are still pretty low. The only option currently is to visit your local store when you can to see when product is currently available. As time goes on our inventory should start to have more options available more often once production ramps up. Thank you for your patience as I know it's been hard to get one of these cards, but I hope we're able to have one available for you and everyone soon. Thanks again for posting your questions to our community site, stay safe and have a great day!
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