windows 10 pc wont shutdown

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So I had a situation with my gaming desktop I built I decided to change from a MBR to dynamic disk afterwards my pc wouldn’t shut down after I clicked the icon. It just went to the lock screen when I used the command prompt it did shut down. I looked online and found that I could disable “fast startup” when I did it did shut down. Now it shuts down and starts up normally. This is a Windows 10

What would cause this to happen? Maybe me changing to dynamic disk?

Is this a serious concern ?


  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @ovaiskhalil

    I have moved your thread to "Technical Support" as this is the category this thread should be in.

    For why it wouldn't shutdown through the power button after switching to Dynamic Disk, I would assume changing it from MBR messed up Windows, maybe corrupted it and caused the shut down icon to not work.  Disabling Fast Startup is a common troubleshooting step for Windows Shutdown or Startup issues as it is known to cause issues rather than being a benefit.  If everything is working fine after Fast Startup is disabled, I think you are fine unless you begin seeing issues else where that are related to Windows.  
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