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So. I've typed this out too many times...

I have a 2080 Super EVGA, and the 2080 Ti from EVGA on Microcenter is only $800. My 2080 Super has been shutting my monitors off all throughout my school day. I don't know what to do, because the return / exchange time policy is only 30 days, but the warranty time is 3 years. I wanted to see if I could trade in my 2080 super (that is bugging out my monitors) for in-store credit, to then pay the rest off to get the EVGA 2080 TI.


  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @ScrawnyBrawny

    We do not do trade-ins for store credit or cash.  The warranty is a 3 year warranty with EVGA and I recommend contacting EVGA to claim the warranty on the 2080 Super.  If you did purchase it within the past 60 days and you still have the packaging or if you purchased a replacement plan alongside the 2080 Super, please let me know, we may have options for getting that exchanged/refunded.  
  • Ian


    We have exciting news to share for anyone who may find this post! We now offer trade-ins for video cards (GPUs) previously purchased from Micro Center after an in-store consultation of the card's condition and performance. Full details on this trade-in service for video cards (GPUs) can be found at

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