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I'm looking to build my first pc whenever I can get my hands on a 3070. I've been researching parts for awhile and I think I'm ready to finally start making some purchases. First, I wanted to get some advice from people who know what they're doing before I do anything I might regret. I have my planned build linked below, so if anybody could peek at it and give me some advice, that would be very much appreciated. Let me know what you would change or do differently, part or brand wise. The two areas I have the most concern in are overall compatibility between all the components (such as fitment issues and such), and the power supply, so if anybody could give me recommendations there, that would help greatly. Thank you!
Future PC [Work In Progress, First Build]


  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @ZPan74

    The build looks good, I see no issues with this build!  The 750w PSU will work with the 3070 and the 3700X.  No real changes I would make for this build.  My only small change would be trying all the brands on the peripherals together, such as getting all Logitech or all Corsair since they each have their own software to manage their peripherals.    
  • ZPan74
    Awesome, thank you @TSPhillipT !
    Do you think I need a 750w psu? I know this isn't the place to skimp to save money but I've heard that 650w is plenty for the 3070 as well. Also, do you recommend any brands or specific models that are reputable but fairly priced? I understand there's a shortage at the moment but some brands I feel are way overpriced right now. Thanks again!
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