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Hey everyone, I am very new, and when it comes to building PCs, I am very green. Yet, for some reason, I have decided to try something completely out of my comfort zone. I am an amateur woodworker, and I would like to build a PC within a wooden enclosure. I got my inspiration from DIY Perks' youtube clip "Building a spectacular DIY 'desk PC'" ( and while I'll be mostly following his guidance, I will take a note or two out of my own experience. Right now, I'd like your opinion on two things:
1. if I wanted to wire capacitor buttons so that I can turn on and off my PC without getting into the parts, who would I ask for help when it comes to programming the buttons (I'm not even sure if programming is the right word). This is explained in the video but I am not too savy.
2. heat, heat, heat! I will be using two large radiators connected to a water pump that's cooling the main components like the CPU on the motherboard and the GPU. Do you think I will need to cut out additional holes for fans or for the PSU.
3. what other cool things do you think I can hook up to this? Since I'm going all out, I'd love to add lights and a mic.
4. What kind of corners do you guys think I can cut in terms of water cooling or if I have enough ports, do I even need it?
5. Last thing, he mentions we cannot connect our IO to the motherboard, so he suggested buying short panel mount extension wires and to make a panel cutout connected to it. I don't mind making the panel, but can I just screw in the female ports onto a makeshift panel?

Thanks for any help you recommend and check out the video, it's actually really fascinating, inspiring me to bring together tech and nature into one case.
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