Repair/Replace Possibly Defective CPU

I purchased an AMD Ryzen 3800x processor from the Marietta Micro Center earlier this year. I believe it was May. I did not open the box or use the product until July when I began building my PC. I do not think I have the receipt. I finished the PC about 2 weeks ago, and since have noticed the CPU temperature was running rather hot. 60-70 Celsius when idle, upwards of 95 in demanding games. Today, I attempted to apply new thermal paste to the CPU. However, upon removal of the fan and CPU, what appears to be about two dozen of the CPU pins are bent, and one has fallen off entirely. I do not believe this to be my fault, and considering that the second most expensive part of my PC has been rendered useless, I am not sure of where to go from here. My question is if there's a way to find out if this unit was defective and if I have any options regarding replacement or refund.


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