looking to borrow zen 1 cpu

Hey Fellow Techies,
So I believe I either torched my Ryzen 5 1600 or msi bazooka b350M mobo on my desktop.
Long story short, like a idiot, I touched a metal tipped tape measure to the mobo while it was on and promptly shut down and will not boot now. Feel free to laugh at me, I know I for sure did!

Wondering if someone in the twin cities mn area has a extra zen 1 cpu they know works for me to borrow real quick to swap into the mobo to determine which part is actually broken?

I am pretty sure we can meet in the tech support area at the st. louis park store which would have a spot for me to set the desktop and swap it in quick and do some testing, thus,  you would never need to lose sight of me or the processor.
Would need to be willing to spend a hour or so while I troubleshoot though of course!

DM me folks and lets see if we can't meet up. Thanks a ton ahead of time!
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