Desktop Tower Power On/Off 9-Pin Button not fitting with new Motherboard

I'm building a new a PC and am committing a sin by repurposing a tower from a Pre-Built PC that I'm fond of.
I purchased an ASUS 320m-k mobo and it screwed in perfectly, the I/O shield was replaced in the chassis perfectly. And the new 500w PSU fit perfectly into the slot and screwed into the chassis. But the F_Panel 10-1 connector on the board has pins that are too thick for the cable that powers the on-off switch. And there are no other pins for this on the board. Does MicroCenter sell a replacement cable, I don't even need the bulb at the end. I also don't want to buy a new case just because of this one little issue, to be honest I didn't like any of the cases on sale at the store. If there is no solution, I'd rather exchange the board I bought if that is an option.
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