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Hello; so I’m trying to build a new pc and I want something better than a 2060 but honestly probably not a 3080; do you have any other cards higher than a 2060 right now and if not when will you have them 


  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @JohnnyBoy23

    We do not have any other Nvidia cards that are better than the 2060.  We do have the 5700XT in stock, but that is the AMD brand.  There is no ETA for when we will be receiving more cards that are better than the 2060, especially since Nvidia will be pushing the 3000 series GPUs.  My recommendation would be looking at the upcoming 3070 release or the Radeon 6000 release.  
  • missile742

    Went up to Denver MC on Friday, was 20th in line. By time 0930 hit was about 40 in line. Guy came out and said they only had two cards on the shelf, both AMD. 38 very upset folks walked away. Fool as I am, going to try again on Monday.

  • LookingGPU

    The MicroCenter website states it takes 10 min for their system to update when an item is sold. I would imagine when they receive a product it is scanned in once received to update their system. I have been checking the inventory everyday for GPU's. Last night around midnight I checked the website to see if they had gotten any GPU's in stock. Nothing new. This morning I checked and the website stated they had a limited quantity of the AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT. It is currently 1:08pm and their website still shows they have a limited quantity of this GPU. I also just went to the store 40 min ago. The General Manager told me they didn't have any and couldn't give me an explanation as to why they don't have on stock what their site says they have.

    Now, granted they may have people standing in line waiting to purchase the remaining quantity. However, this is an item that a store employee has to get out of a locked case and then takes to another locked case in order for a customer to purchase this item. When you walk out the store you can see the locked cage where any item waiting to be purchased is stored for customers standing in line waiting to purchase these items and surprise, GPU's waiting to be purchased!

    So, either their system doesn't update like the website says it does, or people there don't know what they are doing. I keep scratching my head wondering how a computer store can't seem to get their act together and update their system so that it shows how much product is actually on hand!? A computer store! Does anyone see the irony in this?!

    Very frustrating and upsetting. Get it together MicroCenter. You sell the latest hardware and software in computers. Surely you can implement a program to run your inventory that is more efficient than what you currently have.

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