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new inland filament manufacturer?

I was buying the Natural Inland PLA, it came in a white box, and it was awesome.  Now I just bought some natural PLA and it came in a grey box and it is different and is more brittle.  The suggested temperature ranges are also different, so it seems like an entirely new formula.  The white box says "new and improved formula" on it and the blue box doesn't say that.  So my question is, why is there such a big difference and what should I expect going forward?


  • Micro Center support just got back to me.  It looks like the newer grey box is the new Natural PLA, so it does in fact look like the formula has changed.  Just beware, the plastic is a lot more brittle than it used to be.
  • Good Morning @3dp

    I do apologize for the delay in response on the issue with the filament.  I do see where did did speak with someof our technical consultants by email on he issue.  We are going to forward this information  to try and get more information on the filament.  Again, i do apologize for the issue you have had with this filament and please let us know fi you hae nay other questions or concerns.
  • @3dp The formula was changed by our supplier due to a shortage of raw materials. We'll be returning to the original formula once the raw materials are available to our supplier. 
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