First time build

I put this together for my first build from online recommendations. Is there any way to make the final price just a bit lower? My budget is closer to $800 so if there is any way to lower the price without sacrificing the quality that would be great. And if there is anything in the build that doesn't work right please let me know as well. I need the PC to run Minecraft and possibly GTA.


  • TSKevinG
    Good Morning @Macy

    Welcome to the Micro center Community.  Looking at the build , there would not be much you could downgrade on the system to get it closer to the price you wanted.  You could switch out the memory from ddr4-3600 to ddr4-3200 speed memory with will be a little cheaper.  You could Also down grade the CPU from the 3600 to the 3400 which would be going from a 6 core Processor to a 4 core processor so it will reduce the processing speed on the computer.  You also would not have to have 2 separate drives and could for the time being use one drive and then add a second one at a later time.
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