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I am at a crossroads. I want to upgrade my pc but I don't know how. I am thinking that I just will do an aesthetic upgrade. I am open to switching platforms for my CPU my specs are as follows. r5 3600x 2060 gaming x 32gb cl18 3600mhz ram. I don't know how to upgrade please help me.


  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @August

    Your current specs look great if you are doing 1080-1440p Gaming.  Are you encountering any issues at the moment with your current build?  

  • August
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    edited October 2020
    Not really but I like to upgrade my pc it's fun for me. I play 1080p competitive first-person shooters what do you think would be the most beneficial upgrade besides the graphics card. Or not even what to make it a better pc like faster ram or an aio (I have the stock cooler) stuff like that.
  • TSPhillipT

    I think you should only look to upgrade a PC hardware wise when you are seeing issues running the games you are playing.  I think your RAM and GPU are fine for 1080p, but if you have plans going into higher resolution gaming with higher refresh rates, a GPU/Processer upgrade would be my recommendation.  

    If you are just looking to better up your PC, you can do things like RGB Strips or better peripherals in my opinion.  
  • Angelo987
    can you tell me the best parts to building a pc and what to buy if i want a water cooled pc thank you

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