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I have a PowerSpec G354 (build 2), and I have questions.
1. How do you remove the fan attaches to the motherboard?  Its blocking access to one of the RAM slots. I plan on replacing the 2x8GB  RAM with a 2x16GB RAM, and I was just curious of how I'd do it if I replaced it with 4x16GB RAM instead (I was told you aren't suppose to mix and match RAM...which kinda sucks cause then I would've had 48GB in total xD)

2. How do you remove the top of the case? I can't seem to lift from whatever its attached to at the front of the case. I want to remove it because the front panel microphone doesn't work. (the audio does though). I would take it up to Microcenter and get it looked over  buts in an hour drive and I really don't want to lose access to my computer until I absolutely have to. I'm hoping its just a loose connector...which would be simple to reattach if I can figure out how to reach it.


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    1) You won't want to remove that fan. That's for the CPU cooler and if you don't have that fan running, your CPU will quickly start overheating. As for mixing and matching RAM, it's usually not recommended to do so because different modules will have different timings and subtimings which can lead to instability. It's not that it WON'T work, but that it could potentially have issues. \

    2) The tops of these cases aren't designed to be removed. Have you already checked the front-panel connections on your board to make sure they're connected properly?
  • Maranda
    1. I only wanted to remove the fan so that I get access to the RAM slot that is just blocked by it. I won't need to atm, but I would love having atleast the option to expand RAM using the 4 slots.

    2. I did check the connections. I couldn't quite narrow down which connection was the microphone, so I just made sure non I saw was loose. My PC recognizes the microphone; but when I test it, it just records electric noise  (and no, its not the headset, since I tested said headset with my PS4 controller). Now that I think about it, I wonder if it just means the port itself is damaged...
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