Should I go with 3200Mhz or 3600Mhz?

I’m building a pc primarily for great VR performance on an Oculus Rift S and I’m going to be using an X570 mobo with a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU.

My question is two fold, is the 3600x or even 3600xt CPU worth it and which would you recommend and then secondly for the Ram I am planning on 16Gb as I’ve been told 32Gb will be overkill. The big question is should I be looking at 3200Mhz or 3600Mhz. Most reviews recommend 3200Mhz would be the “sweet spot”, is this the case?


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    I think 3200MHz is a great price for performance option. I think it really depends on your budget and what you're looking to accomplish.
    I'd recommend the 3200MHz, but you will see a slight improvement with the increased speed.
    Here's a video discussing the different speeds and their performance impact.

    To your question of the 3600 vs. 3600X vs. 3600XT, again this really depends on your budget and what you want/need. From my perspective, If you're wanting to go with the 3600XT, I'd recommend spending a bit more on the 3700X as it's currently a $60 difference but you gain 2 additional cores. That being said, the 3600 is a great option for its price.

    If it's a split between your RAM and your CPU, I'd recommend putting more toward your CPU, as you're likely to see much greater performance from a better CPU than you would from the increase in RAM speed.

  • AlexS
    I'd agree with @LandShark.  3200Mhz is a great option.  16GB is a solid amount for VR.  I've used 16GB 3200MHz for multiple VRs at this point (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift S, & Quest 2 [oculinked]) with no issue.  

    Which GPU are you using for the Rift S? 
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