Don’t know if this everything I need

I don’t know If I have everything on this list, and all of these work together. If someone could check that would be awsome. Here’s the link:


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    Hi, @Upside Welcome to the community!
    You've got everything that you need to build a solid PC here. They are all compatible and will work well together.
    What are you going to be using this build to do? Is it for gaming?
    If so, I'd recommend a couple changes, but this is just a recommendation. As it is, your CPU outclasses your GPU quite a bit. I'd recommend moving your budget around a little bit. Since your case already comes with 4 fans, I removed the Corsair case fans that you'd selected and upgraded your GPU. This will give you an increase in framerate and performance. I also changed the CPU cooler to the CM 212. It will offer a bit better cooling performance while having some added benefit of RGB.
    Lastly, I changed your version of Windows to Windows Home, as there is no difference to performance in gaming.

    If you've got some different tasks in mind, I'd be happy to discuss your build further. Let us know!

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