How do I get an asus tuff rtx 3090?

I want to get an asus tuff rtx 3090. but how do I do it? I already know about the scalping problem. I want to know how I go about getting one in the long run. Should I be doing anything different than what I'm doing now? At this point, all I do, is I have a list of websites I check once a week for any available tuff versions of the rtx 3090. I don't expect to get one till next year, doing it this way. 


  • bbnn
    i mean like there's no secret way of getting one if that's what you mean? you already answered your own question:  just wait.
  • looking4a3090fe
    edited October 2020
    I agree, I was just making this post as my way of "double checking" because whenever I do get my hands on 3080 or 3090, it'll be the first time getting the "latest" GPU for me. For example, when 2080ti's were in their prime, the best I was able to get was a 1070ti, which I'm still using right now. 
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