Need Help Choosing Parts

I put this parts list together and am looking for some advice. It's my first PC build, and hoping to stream/game. Looking for high performance. I'll also choose a Full tower. Thanks!


  • JS_MC
    @sneakymetal Welcome to the community!
    I think this is a great build you've got selected here. I'd recommend a 240mm AIO instead of the selected 120mm.
    What's your budget for this build? The motherboard you've chosen is a beast of a platformt that will perform well, especially if you plan to overclock. However, if that's not your goal, you could go with something a bit cheaper to lower the total cost of your build. One other suggestion I have is to add another storage drive. (SSD or HDD) I find it far too easy to fill a 1TB drive these days, and since you mentioned streaming, I think you'll agree with me. Archived footage takes up quite a bit of space!
  • @LandShark Thank you for the tips! I actually updated the list to the 240mm shortly after posting, so I agree. 
    Budget wise, I'm trying to stay around $2k but could could go a little higher! Would it be better to get a bigger SSD drive or just add a second one?
  • JS_MC
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    For SSDs, you can typically go with another drive to allow for more bandwidth if you're multitasking. e.g., System on one drive, games on another splitting the work load. That being said, it's fairly challenging to reach a bottleneck on the M.2 you've selected. It boasts a Read Speed Up to 2,000MBps | Write Speed Up to 1,925MBps. If it's a storage drive, I'd recommend a SATA SSD, as the cost per GB is a bit lower than M.2. If you're looking for performance, M.2 is the way to go.
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