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Hey I need a budget pc for around 300-400 dollars and this goes above the limit, I can do it for more but is this worth its price? Or are there any better parts I can get that are better/cheaper? 

CPU/GPU (comes with stock cooler)





3-pack of RGB Fans

apparently the power supply will only work for a 2-3 years :p


Power Surge:

Windows 10 Download (put it on a usb and import it into the pc I’ll figure out how to do it):


  • JS_MC
    Hello @SleepingRaven and welcome to the community!
    The parts you've listed are compatible, however, several of them do not list a price unless you go through a 3rd party seller.
    As you can see, with the parts that you've selected, it is over budget. However, I don't think it's really possible to stay in the budget while buying new parts. the monitor and OS combined take up half of your budget ($200).
    I'd be careful about using a PSU that you think will only last for 2-3 years. In my experience, when a PSU fails, it likes to take things with it.
    I'd recommend saving a bit more if possible, however, there are some new CPUs and some new GPUs that are being released shortly. Their release may have some positive effects on the price of the parts you've selected. Be sure to check around for any sale pricing that may be coming. I think it will be fairly easy to find a deal on some of these items.
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