Adding a 3rd Hard Drive to a B745

I'm trying to add a third hard drive to a PowerSpec B745.  The first two are connected directly to the motherboard via the M.2 slots and work perfectly.  The third I have is a 2.5" crucial MX500.   I bought it per a recommendation from your tech support, along with a 3.5 caddy kit... the thing is I don't see a drive bay at all in this case... am I missing something?   Is there another way to add a third drive to the B745 machine?  Please help.  Thanks!


  • JS_MC
    Hi @candidsounds and welcome!
    You've got a couple of options here.
    1. If you removed the back panel of the case, there should be some mounting spots for you to affix the caddy kit to.
    (This version of the case is white, but as you can see there are mounts on the back of the motherboard backplate.)

    2. Under the PSU shroud there should be some room for some drives.

    I hope this helps, but please let me know if I can assist further!
  • That was a big help, thanks.  I opened the PSU Shroud and installed the drive.  Having another problem now - I connected it to power and sata1 - the computer is not seeing it at all (i.e. - it's not showing up in Disk Management).   Shut it down, confirmed the connections were true and tried Sata2 - same issue.   Any suggestions appreciated.
  • Got it, not sure what I did wrong but the 3rd time was a charm.  Thanks again, I really appreciate the help. 
  • JS_MC
    Oh, great to hear that you got things sorted! Let us know if we can help with anything else!
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