How to best utilize Kraken fans

First time PC build, and I am planning on usiing the Krakeb 240mm CPU cooler, inside the NXKT H510 Elite case, which has case fans. Where would be the best location to put the CPU fans? Here's the build:



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    Great question here. I'd recommend that you put the radiator in the front of the case. I actually wasn't aware that the NZXT H510 Elite came with 140mm fans. That being said, NZXT actually makes a 280mm version of their Kraken.
    While the 240mm version would work with your case, the 280mm version would offer a better fit and slightly better performance. You'd be able to swap the case fans that come with the case to put them on the Kraken radiator.  You could then use the additional fan on the top of the case if you'd like.

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