Games Crashing 5-10 minutes after opening

I just built a brand new Gaming PC with definitely good enough specs to run the games I was trying. So far, i’ve tried R6 Siege, CS-GO and Valorant and they all ended with the same result, either crashing to desktop, freezing or blue screen restart. I have all drivers necessary and parts that should run these perfectly. I’ve tried factory resetting, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, reinstalling the games, updated windows, checked my temps (they were fine), checked my storage (have 2TB hd and 500gb SSD) and many other things.
Any suggestions or ideas would be much appreciated, 


  • Dmitche3
    Dmitche3 ✭✭
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    I doubt this but how is your power supply?  
    Double check all cabling. Disable antivirus. 
    If using WiFi try an Ethernet connection. 
    Double check if the cards are fully seated. 
    Try bare minimum settings on a game just to see if the amount of time varies from start to crash. SWAGing here. 
    Just somethings to try. 
  • JS_MC
    Hi, would you mind sharing your system specifications with us?
    @dmitche3 has some great suggestions as a start. Once we know a bit more about your system we should be able to provide a bit more advice 😊
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