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I'm really just looking into what I'll want in a few months time, and I plan for the CPU to actually be a Ryzen 5950x.  With that in mind, I was just wondering if there were any recommendations for optimization of the build, and was also wondering what the bottleneck of the system would be, and by how much (ballpark).

Edit: I just saw the "readme" thread about these type of posts.  I have a large budget (obviously).  I'm not really too worried about that aspect.  I did recently buy an LG CX TV, so I can play at 4K - 120hz.  I like to play open-world RPGs.



  • JS_MC
    Hey @Kalkano! Welcome to the community!
    Thanks for the edit.
    I'd say that you've got an impressive build set out here. However, I noticed that you selected an internal Blu-ray Drive. Unfortunately, that isn't going to work with your case, as the Dynamic O11 has a glass front panel and no disk drive slots available. I'd recommend an external drive instead. 
    As to your question of the bottleneck, typically at 4k, the bottleneck is still on the GPU. Since the 3090 is new and the 5950X is yet to be released, I'm not able to give any definitive answers to your question. I'd recommend waiting for independant 3rd party reviews to see what kind of performance you can expect from the new 5950X.
  • Kalkano
    Thanks for the info.  The main reason I chose that case was that there didn't seem to be much available to pick from (availability at a local store?).  I'll keep that in mind when the time comes.
  • JS_MC
    What store are you shopping in?
  • Kalkano
    It's showing the Denver store, which I guess is the only one in Colorado.  It's not a concern right now.  As I said, I won't actually be buying it for at least a few months, and I'll re-check at that time.

    A couple more questions for you:

    1) If I care nothing about aesthetics, and just want to maximize the cooling of the case, what case would you suggest for this setup?  Also, GPU vertical or horizontal?

    2) The power supply was a similar situation to the case, when I put the list together.  I was actually planning on at least a 1000w power supply.  Does that make sense to you?

    3) This question makes the unverified assumption that the GPU will, in fact, be the bottleneck.  With that assumption in mind:
    I know I don't "need" it with this beastly setup, but if I wanted to optimize the system to minimize the bottleneck as much as I can, would it make sense to overclock the GPU, but leave the CPU and memory at base specs?

    Thanks again.
  • JS_MC
    1. I think that the Dynamic O11 is a great case for both air and water cooling. As you can see the side of the case without a window has tons of ventilation for all the fans that would be next to the right of the motherboard.

    2. Your estimated wattage for this system is listed at 578W, however, it does look like we have several other options above that. Unfortunately, we are currently out of stock.
    For the 1000W range, I'd recommend the Corsair HX1000
    3. So, I would use the term bottleneck here very lightly. It's not really a bottleneck so much as it is the bleeding edge of performance.
    The 3090 is currently the highest performing GPU available. Overclocking will offer better performance because it performs better at higher clocks. That being said, it'll be hotter/louder and take more power to do so.
    4. You don't have to overclock everything. You definitely can, if your system will allow it, but you don't have to. Right now, I have my GPU overclocked, but I don't have my CPU or RAM overclocked.
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