Maingear Forma R MK II Personal Opinions?

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Considering investing in a new chair and since I don't feel like waiting on shipping for a SecretLab or Noblechair, has anyone purchased this particular chair and what are your thoughts on it?  

I'd feel like this would be an upgrade in comfort over the current AK Racing I have.


  • I've got the MAINGEAR FORMA GT. It's my first "gaming" chair, so idk about your Ak racing as a comparison. It comes with a little back pillow, but I'd much rather have the lumbar support. The seat itself is quite comfortable! I easily spend many hours sitting in it, but.... it'ss not an ergonomic chair. My posture could definitely use some coaching. :) Also, armrests are firm but do have a little give, and they are adjustable in many ways.  I wish it had more height adjustment range. 
  • Err0h
    Err0h ✭✭✭✭✭
    First Anniversary 5 Likes First Comment Name Dropper
    So I ended up getting this and it's leaps and bounds over the AKRacing.  The built-in lumbar support is great and this chair just wins in comfort all around.  Very stylish as well! 
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