Availability - RTX 2080Ti

Hello MC Community! I have been saving up for a long time for a RTX 2080Ti only to be greeted with only 2060's in stock at the Parkville location. Other E-Stores have hiked the price for this card lineup which is crazy . Any idea when we can see some stock return? I am not interested in the 3000 series or AMD cards.


  • bbnn
    why do you want the 2080ti specifically? the msrp for this card is 1200 new for Founder's, so id ont know what your expectations where. if you really want a 2080Ti at a reasonable price, your best bet is ebay and used.
  • JS_MC
    Hello @C0v3rt_X. At this time it's hard to say what their future availability will be. With the new launch of RTX 3000 series GPUs most, if not all, production has switched over to support the demand. It's possible that all the 2000 series GPUs are no longer being produced. I'm not able to see directly what stock is being produced, but it seems like the production of 2000 series cards have at least slowed.
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