Temporarily/Unexpectedly Closed due to Covid, and a Day Wasted

Hey there!
I purchased a monitor late last night, expecting to pick it up today.  An email was sent this morning that said it was ready to pick up. 

I jumped in the car, and excitedly drove almost 2 freakin' HOURS to come pick it up, to find out after getting to Chicago, and stopping for a quick break, that your store is all of a sudden "closed unexpectedly for deep cleaning" today, presumably because of a Covid infection among employees, or something along those lines. 

I really do super appreciate you guys taking the care to get it under control, but guys...I drove 2 hours to get to your store to pick up an item that was said to be okay to pick up this morning, to now have to just turn around empty handed.  I don't have a lot of time these days to waste doing stuff like this. Also the gas money! Being sent an email that late, is something I don't appreciate, and frankly is kind of unacceptable man...

Can we just ship this monitor to me now please, considering what's happened in that particular store, as consolation for me having completely wasted one of my valuable days off, and for safety reasons sake?  I'm not even sure I can get back out there again in the near future, man, nor am I sure I want to at this point....

Will you please run this up the flagpole to management and see if you guys can just ship it to me?  I would really super appreciate it.  This has been my first experience with Micro Center. I've heard really cool things about this company, but I have to say, I'm super disappointed right now in it...Not to mention the gas money to/from, and now to presumably be expected to spend that money again! Shipping it to me would be about equal at this point.
I sent an email to customer support, with all my personal info/reservation number.

What can we do to try to make this right?


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