Any way to share multiple monitors across 2 computers?

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Hello! I'm working from home, and I have a home computer and a work computer. I'd like to use my 2 monitors for both computers: One monitor has an HDMI input, the other DVI. I'd like to use them in an extended desktop configuration. I'd also like to use just one keyboard & mouse combo. I'd also like my USB hub to be used with both computers. Is there any switch or other solution that will enable me to do this? Thank you for any guidance you can provide! --Rick


  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @rtdreep

    Thank you for posting on the community!  We do not carry any switches that can do this but here is a dual monitor HDMI Switch through Amazon.  You would need to use 2 HDMI to DVI adapters but it should work.  This should also work with a USB Hub using the 2.0 Hub on there.  
  • rtdreep
    Thank you! I'll try it! --Rick
  • Lincoln_Highway
    edited November 2020
    Hi. This (see below image) mouse from logitech and several others support multi device use. You can click and drag files by transferring via Bluetooth. Theoretically.
    A lot of their mouses support this feature (I'm pretty sure its called "flow"). 

    Anyway I hope this solves your issue in a way that doesn't require installing switches. Turning video output on/off from your computers will likely put them on the fritz. 

    Check out the Logitech mx master series if you can afford it.
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