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ASUS 3070 (or 3080) TUF (non-OC) Availability

I'm having a hard time finding information about the ASUS TUF, both OC and non-OC versions, though I'm aiming for the regular version (TUF-RTX 3070-8G-GAMING, not the 08G). Today was the launch day for the 3070, but it doesn't appear that any TUF cards launched on any sites, including here at MC. Does anyone have some information on this, and perhaps a way to get one, particularly from the Houston location?

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  • So a couple of things should be pointed out here, Microcenter is only doing in-shop purchases for these cards, at least on launch day. So they might, or might not, appear on the website.

    Secondly, and although I haven't done extensive searching online, my best bet is that it's already sold out everywhere, so you'll have a hard time finding it online outside of EBay scalpers, and the occasional new card on some sites that'll be gone in a few minutes... 

    I might be wrong though! Maybe the 3070 is different from the 3080 and 3090, but an educated guess is that it's already sold out.
  • My guess would've been along those lines too, but the lack of postings anywhere, other than reviewers who are given cards directly, and even the lack of scalpers on eBay (as in... zero of them) makes me think that the launch for this particular card might have been delayed to a date other than 29Oct20?
  • Thanks Kevin. Hopefully some more information comes out on those cards. Best I've seen so far from ASUS's direct store is that they haven't been released just yet. There's also no information on 3070 water blocks to match, or if the PCB's match enough that the 3080/3090 water blocks would work. Same goes for the EVGA XC3 lineup.
  • I've noticed that there are a lot of RTX 3070 cards on sites like Facebook Marketplace or even Offer up so if you are very desperate for the card right now then try looking over there but I wouldn't recommend it because most of the prices are usually at least 150 dollars more than the actual MSRP. A lot of them are actually brand new and unopened with actual proof so it's not like a scam or anything like that but definitely be careful when buying them so you don't get a used card or one that is damaged.
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