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PC Spec Swap to a different PC

So i'm trying to figure out if I can swap all the GPU, CPU, and etc into a different PC. I have a ROG G20AJ. I have done 1 upgrade with the GPU. Upgraded from a 760 to a Nvidia 2070 Super. But there's a problem. It seems to be overheating with every single game other than CSGO, and lower graphic games. I can't run Cold War Black Ops, No Man's Sky, and Phasmophobia without my pc crashing and turning off the monitor. I'm trying to see if I can just almost fully get another pc but still like the specs on mine. Thank you, Kyan


  • Hello @Kyan

    Thank you for posting on the Micro Center Community!  Taking a look at this PC, the motherboard is pretty similar to a laptop and it looks to be a proprietary form rather than a normal sized motherboard.  The motherboard that would fit that processor (assuming it's not soldered in) is also not in production since it is a 4th Gen Intel Processor and requires an outdated motherboard for it to fit.  Since most of the parts for the PC are similar to a laptop-esque build, you are going to have troubles trying to move hardware out of this build and putting them into another build.  
  • So could I go to Micro Center and they could do it for me? If not would just buying a whole new pc be better...
  • We would be unable to move it to a new case due to the proprietary form factor.  It would require heavy modding of a case to fit it and that is something we do not do.  I think buying a prebuild PowerSpec B class is the best option.  It doesn't have a graphics card but you do have one you can use, so you can put it in.  All the parts used are standard parts as well so upgrading in the future is easier.  I think something like this would be a great pairing with your 2070 Super
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