My first build! Yikes! :)

HERE is my part list so far. I've really tried to put research into this project, but I still feel like such a newbie. 

I play Fortnite and this PC would be split between work and gaming. 
Budget: $600-$1000. (perfs have already been purchased) 
I tried to find a motherboard that allowed for upgrades in the future because I'd like to get into streaming at a future date. 

I would truly appreciate any help or tips of things to think about!


  • JS_MC
    I think you've got a great selection here. You'll see performance that will exceed your monitors refresh rate in most titles. The B360 will allow for upgrades in the future, however, if you're going into streaming it may be worth considering AMD for your CPU, as you can typically get more cores for a similar price. It's generally a good rule to have more cores for better multi-core workload performance. 
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