PC shutting down Due to Overheated CPU

I just recently upgraded my gigabyte 2070 to the 3070 Founders Edition. Within a day of using the new graphics card, my PC started shutting down under heavy load like gaming. I tested my PC using Prime95 and Furmark and discovered that my CPU would hit up to 105 degrees Celsius...
I have four fans, two in the front blowing air right to left, one fan in the back and a top fan, all exhausting air out. I am using the stock cooler that comes with the Ryzen 5 3600 CPU and from the looks of it, it circulates the air towards the motherboard.   I have had no issues of airflow or overheating with my gigabyte rtx 2070. Wondering if anyone else has had any of the same issues with the rtx 3070 FE. 

Any suggestions with cooling down CPU without buying an expensive Cooler?


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