Recommendations on Changes

I have recently built this exact build (09/2020) and I wanted some recommendations on changes to be able to game at 1440p on high/ultra settings and possibly 4K. My obvious choice is to replace the GPU once the 3080 or new AMD GPU becomes available. Is there anything else I should change? Upgrade to Ryzen 9 or switch to Intel 10800k? More RAM? I am still new to the PC building/upgrading process. This build works beyond great at 1080p with FPS averages of around 110 in Warzone on highest settings.


  • SteveT
    Anyone?? Anyone?? Bueller? Bueller?
  • JS_MC
    Hey, @SteveT Sorry for the delayed reply!
    Since AMD hasn't released the new RX 6000 cards just yet, we don't know what performance you'll be able to get! I'd have to recommend waiting to see what kind of performance you'll get with the new cards. That being said, if you do not want to wait and you're able to find a 3080. It's a great performance increase over your 2060 KO. The 3080 will offer a strong performance at 4k!
    I found this video benchmarking the 3070 and 3080 using a 10700k, a fairly comparable CPU to your 3700X. You should see very similar FPS results if you upgraded just the GPU in your current build. Hope this helps, and again, sorry for tardy response!
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