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I am thinking of requesting a Tier 3 Custom Build PC. I purchased some parts from Microcenter and some parts through other retailers due to availability and cheaper prices (Microcenter could not price match due to promocodes). I am going to purchase the CPU from Microcenter (Zen 3). Does the Tier 2 Build come with Bios Flashing or will it be the $250 fee for the custom build with the $29.99 flash bios on top of it? Also, I still could not get a hold of the new graphics cards so would it be an issue if I bring in my old graphics card as a placeholder or could they build it without a GPU? Also want to ask if there is some sort of accountability for the parts we did not purchase from Microcenter, do they write a list of parts we brought? What happens if an item goes missing that I did not purchase from Microcenter?

Thanks in advance


  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @MidexNT
    Thank you for posting on the Micro Center Community! 

    We will do a BIOS Update if needed for a Tier 2/3 build but please notify the technician when starting the build that this may be an issue.  There wouldn't be a charge of $29.99 for it.  We will build with parts not purchased from us and we can use your old GPU as a placeholder until you get your hands on a newer GPU.  We are not responsible for any damages that part does do to your build, like if a PSU (not from us) shorts out your motherboard.  We will cover the parts that are on the reference number for the build.  You will need to speak with the service manager in regards to an item going missing that you did not purchase from us, though I believe we do inventory all the items taken in and everything that is not used like accessories are given back.  

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