How to know what graphics card you need!

So, you want to build a PC to play CS:GO or whatever. Then you're going through everything and picking your components then you face the graphics card section of doom. "Which one should I pick?" is what you think. Well welcome to this discussion. (I have built 146 PCs in my lifetime, trust me, I know what I'm saying.)


So, first it depends on what you're goin to do on this PC of yours. Game? Edit videos and movies/films? Stream? Work?
We're going to focus on gaming here.

Here is the question that we are answering: What type of gaming?

Shooters: You'll want to stick with an NVIDIA GeForce 2060 or newer/better if you're an NVIDIA person like me but I recommend a 3070. Or else it a AMD Radeon 5600X or better/newer. I recommend a 5600XT.

Open world: Here, graphics isn't as important so if you're going NVIDIA stick with a 1650TI or newer/better but I recommend a 1660. For a Radeon person go for a AMD Radeon 5600 or newer/better. Here I recommend a 5600X.

Battle Royale: Here we go with the big boys. From this point on we go chunky strong GPUs. Here for NVIDIA we go to the 2070 or newer/better. I recommend a 3070 though. For Radeon we go with the 5600XT or newer/better but I definitely recommend a 5700. 

Sandbox: Here you can stick with a 1660 or newer/better for NVIDIA and I recommend a 1660 Super and for Radeon you should be fine with the 5600 or newer/better but a 5600X would be best.

Racing: Here it's mid-range time. We go to the 2060 Super or newer/better although a 2070 Super is ideal for NVIDIA people. Now for Radeon, it gets a bit more expensive. We go with the 5700X or newer/better but ideally you get 5700XT.

Now that is all, thank you for reading this, a like is appreciated and I hope this helps you build your next PC!

(I will be making another one of these discussions about processors than about motherboards. Be sure to check those out when they come.)

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