How ASrock is winning the motherboard market.

ASrock is very well known to geeks as a great motherboard company which is true and they are winning the motherboard market.

A couple months ago, the B550 series was released to everyday consumers from companies like Asus and ASrock at first. EVERYBODY is say EVERYBODY was buying them , but, ASrock was getting more pre-orders and orders then other companies.

They were blowing up from their Steel Legends and M Pro4 AM4 series. But not only from the B550s but also from the older ones, the B450s which lowered in price and became ideal to the budget/broke gamers which they paired with the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 and that made a very very good combo.

Then people started to overclock their Ryzens and found out that, guess what, overclocking was a bit better/easier on ASrock motherboards! This news spread out on the internet and even more people bought ASrock motherboards. Nowadays, ASrock is as large as MSI and is growing FAST.

Global Motherboard Market COVID 19 Impact Research Report With Top Players  Asustek Gigabyte ASRock MSI Biostar Colorful Group  Owned
Thanks for reading this! Hope to see you in my "How Ryzen is taking over the processor market."
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