How AMD is taking over the processor market.

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You've definitely heard of AMD before. They're mainly known for their amazing processors. Recently they announced 4th gen. Ryzen which is the 5000 series processors. Each one was proven to be more powerful than Intel's price equivalent.

The battle between AMD and Intel has been here for longer then some kids reading this have been alive. If my research is correct it was early 2000s when the first 2-core processors were launched. One from AMD and one from Intel. That is when the was began. After that Intel was ahead, until now. AMD has successfully lured %40 of the processor consumers into their territory and Intel has lost the benchmarks with AMD 4th gen. (Zen 3). They beat Intel's 10th gen. processors by %1-%2 each processor which are, to remind you, the i3 10XXXX, the i5 10XXXX, the i7 10XXXX and the i9 10XXXX.

AMD has been able to do this before Intel releases 11th gen., yet though so we don't know if Intel 11th gen is better or worse the AMD 4th gen. processors.
PassMark AMD Snatches Up To 40 CPU Market Share For The First Time In 14  Years
(AMD is green and Intel is blue.)

So in conclusion, AMD is catching up and who knows, what if they spike up and intel goes down. We'll have to wait and see.

Thanks for reading this, a like is appreciated, I'll hopefully see you in my "How G.Skill is taking over the RAM market." Bye!
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