Building a New PC, Questions About CPU.

I put this parts list together and am looking for some advice on whether or not it is worth it to stick with a 12-core Ryzen 9 3900x, or if it's "overkill" (I know there is the argument for future-proofing) and go down to the 8-core Ryzen 7 3800XT. Would I notice that much of a performance difference? Also, this build has no GPU at the moment because I will be taking the GTX 1060 6GB in my current rig and putting it into this new pc until I am able to get one of the new Nvidia or AMD GPU's. Thank you in advance.


  • TSKevinG
    Good Afternoon Jarrko and welcome to the micro center community.

    For this computer, what is it going to be used for mostly?  Much of this will depend on the programs you are using as some may require more cpu processing power. 
  • Jarrko
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    edited November 2020
    Primarily gaming at 1080p 144hz, as well as for work/school but I figure that the latter is negligible compared to gaming requirements. I also have a dual monitor setup where I almost always have videos or other content on the second monitor while gaming on the primary monitor, if that is relevant information. The only other programs I use that may warrant more processing power is I do independent game development in Godot game engine (2D/3D), and music production in FL Studio 20.
  • TSKevinG
    Since you are using it for items like music production and game development, having the extra processing power will end up helping with these items.  You could downgrade the processor if you wanted to and still be able to run these items , you may just notice a little slower performance on some of them but either of them would work.
  • TSKevinG
    Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.
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