G706 Fans and BIOS Settings

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Hi, everyone!

I recently picked up a G706 as my first true gaming rig (previously have always been a laptop user). I'm loving the PC overall but have a few questions regarding the fans and fan settings in the BIOS. I'll separate these out in bullet points below for clarity.

  • How can I change/see the settings for the Cooler Master pump itself? In BIOS I have settings for CPU fans 1 and 2, chassis fans 1 and 2, and the SB fan. However, I'm not seeing any setting for the pump. Also, none of the fans have "WP_PUMP" selected, I noticed. Is that the issue?
  • It appears that changing the fan speed for CPU fan 2 does nothing at all. I.e., if I set it to full speed vs silent mode, I notice no audible difference. However, with CPU fan 1 I notice a huge difference and it appears that CPU fan 1 might actually adjust both CPU fans (i.e., both of the cooler master fans at the top of the case). Also, in HWinfo64 it has CPU fan 2 labeled as AUXFANIN and when I turned the fan curve way down, it had this fan at 0 RPM though both CPU fans at the top of the case were still spinning. At higher fan curves HWinfo64 shows them at about the same RPM, which I would expect. Does this make any sense?
  • There's a definite sort of chirping/whirring noise that I notice from the CPU fans that isn't present up until about 1200 RPM and is then present up until around 1800 RPM. At full speed it's not there and it's also not there at lower RPM. It also goes away when I tilt the PC in any direction. How might I troubleshoot this issue? I'm thinking maybe I need to open up the case and make sure all the screws/connections are sufficiently tight, but I want to proceed with caution because I'm brand new to desktop PC gaming rigs.
Thank you so much in advance for any help! My temps both idle and while gaming are completely fine and so I'm not terribly concerned with any of these things. It's more of me learning about what's going on for the first two bullet points and a minor annoyance I'd like to correct with the third (the noise is certainly annoying but for now I've kept them at a low enough RPM until temps get to 65 so that I rarely hear it).


  • TSTDavey
    Hello @lecarrot thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. Sorry for the very late reply. Below are our response to your questions.

    For question #1, you won’t see WP_PUMP as a fan in the bios. Its not an issue. CPU Fan 1 should be the bios recognizing your Cooler Master cooler. If want to test your cpu temperatures, download Core Temp or NWMonitor to determine if you cooler is keeping your cpu cooled. 

    Question #2, the CPU Fan 2  can be ignored. Your cooler is CPU Fan 1. The Auxfanin could be the cooling sensor on the board. You don’t want to modify anything with the Auxfanin. You really don’t want to modify anything in the bios at all unless you fully are aware and understand what you are modifying. You can really damage your powerspec with modifying changes in the Bios.

    Question #3, for this its hard to determine how to troubleshoot. This sounds hardware related and its best to have a PC repair shop run a full diagnostic on it. You can bring it to the store and we can run a diagnostic to determine the cause. It could be the board or PSU. Try one thing by putting your windows into Power save mode and see if it goes away. It still there, bring to the store, there’s nothing else you can do to fix that, unless you have PC diagnostic tools and software to determine the issue, then replace that part. We hope this answers your questions.

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