Order canceled by Micro Center, nothing but excuses from MC

I've made numerous calls to Micro Center and my bank today. I ordered an Acer Nitro 5 on the 3rd and MC canceled the order this morning. The transaction was authorized and the computer was in stock. My bank has no reason to not authorize the transaction. The answers I've gotten from MC: "You need to call your bank" and "We'll call you back." I've talked to my bank plenty today. I'm inclined to believe this isn't on their end. My bank has answered all of my questions and the CSR's at the call center would like to have a 3-way call with MC customer service. When I told the MC CSR (Cameron) that my bank's CSR would like to have a 3-way conversation, he put me on hold for 20 minutes and then eventually told me that someone else would call me back. NO ONE CALLED ME BACK. Micro Center has only wasted my time. I want some FUCKING ANSWERS. It's extremely rare for me to get upset with customer service representatives. This is my first time trying to do business with MC and this experience has been shitty.


  • TSKevinG
    Good afternoon @Neal_T

    I do apologize for the confusion and that you were not given more information for this.  For the order that are placed online an authorization is place on the card initially.  If for any reason the order has to be cancelled then the card is not fully charged and normally the authorization will drop off but may take a few days.  I would like to try and speak with you more on this and get information on the order so please keep an eye on your email for this.
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