PC Constantly Crashes


Hey, so I own a gaming rig I built myself, it has a Ryzen 7 3700x on an asus B450-F gaming, 2tb of nvme storage, rtx 2060, 32 gigs of 3200mhz ram and a 650 w psu. The thing is I've previously overclocked my pc but reset my bios after some days. Usually after 2-3 hours of gaming my pc crashes and when it does all the fans ramp up to their max temps. The thing is I have ran prime 95 small for a couple hours and the highest temps I got were mid 60's (I have an AIO) and yes I have deleted system 32 (Disclaimer: Don't delete system 32 as it will ruin your pc), what is happening to my pc as the only thing I've changed in my BIOS is enabling D.O.C.P. standard for my ram this second time around.


  • JS_MC
    Hey @Speed Have you cleared your CMOS? Also, since you've reset your BIOS settings, have you since enabled XMP for your memory?
    When your computer crashes, do you get any error messages or direction when you restard your computer as to what may be causing the crash?
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