Looking For Performance Not Pretty.

Hi my name is Joshua. I am trying to build a pc that is under 2000 dollars that can handle a decent work load as well as multiple tasks at the same time. tasks include editing, some lower end animation, recording, streaming, and running high res games. I am trying to stream some of my talents for charity as I am disabled and can only earn a set income. I have been saving for 2 years to buy this console and have no idea how to actually build a good tower lol. I am also really wanting to get in on the black Friday sale so all your help would be appreciated.


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    $2000 is a pretty nice budget to work with. Do you also need to include peripherals like a monitor and keyboard/mouse along with that, or is that $2000 only for the PC itself? That would change what kind of recommendations we give. 

    Do you know what kind of programs you'd be using as well?
  • i know that I am using windows start up and as far as other programs I know some type of obs and a animation program. monitor key board and mouse not needed this budget is strictly for the tower itself. not needing a whole bunch of rgb lighting and what not though a bit of a nicer shell could be worked in. I have had some parts recommended to me already by my brother but he said you guys were the real pros so was hoping you could help me get the most bang for my buck. I plan on spending 6-8 hundred December for extras like microphone, furniture for housing tower, chair, camera. I do apologize for my late response.
  • also going to be running a lot of fps and multiple programs at the same time so graphics and processing power would help. I am currently on an acer laptop from 10 years ago so in need of a major upgrade.
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