Props to the Rockville Store


The Rockville store is amazingly operated. That shit was smooth as butter. The store is operated so well.

I rolled up at around 8:40 this morning (release of ryzen zen3) and talked to the associate who was there waiting for people to talk to him lol. He said they didn't have any more vouchers for the 5900x, so I got a voucher for a 5800x. I also asked about rtx 3080s and they said they didn't have any at the time but that he could take my name and phone number and that an automated text would be sent to me if they received any more 3080s throughout the day. He specified that this was not a 'rolling' queue, but that this was a day-by-day thing.

About 2.5 hours later, I got the text saying that "We received a GPU you were waiting for, please return to the store by 5pm to pick it up" You bet your ass I dropped everything I was doing and drove straight there and got a fucking 3080 FTW3 Ultra.

When they opened at 9AM, the 'voucher line' (people who already got their zen3 vouchers) was about 40-60 people long. I stood in line for about 15 minutes before it was my turn to enter the store and they told me where to go and that another associate would hand me my card.

So I walked out of there with an 5800x. Drove home. Did some things. Got the text that a 3080 was waiting for me. Drove right the fuck back and got my 3080 ftw ultra.

I am very impressed with the Rockville Microcenter. The Fairfax one is closer to me, but I'm going to the Rockville one from now on because of this.

Edit: RIP back account


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    Glad you had a good experience! Things have been pretty crazy but it seems like the Zen3 launch has been pretty smooth and mostly in line with our Zen2 launch which I'm happy about. 
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