Schooling With a Hint of Gaming - Micro Center Build

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imageSchooling With a Hint of Gaming - Micro Center Build

This build was made as my brother's first PC, who is also starting his first year of college this fall. So basically, this build was made for school work and some light casual gaming like League of Legends on the side. I thought it would be pretty cool

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  • Emre
    If you want the 3070, you would have to get at least a b550 motherboard as the 30 series is PCle 4.0 and the b440s don't have that slot.
  • JS_MC
    IIRC the B440 should work just fine with the 30 series card. While the 30 series card, won't have 100% of the PCIe speeds it may get from PCIe 4.0, 3.0 is more than enough for the current bandwidth of GPUs. AMD RX 5000 Series GPUs have had PCIe 4.0 for a while now, and few boards supported 4.0 on their release.
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