Have you guys considered opening a queue system per customer?

As the title asks, have you all considered having a queue system setup across your MC stores? I ask because of the obvious reasons of people wanting to buy so many varying products this year, only to be crushed by scripts and bots. From what I've heard (from Jayz2cents), and as I'm typing this I'm not sure if they are still doing, EVGA has a queue system up for their products from their store that basically informs the next in line to respond within a specific time window. This in my opinion feels like the most consumer friendly operation at this point, especially for the sake of MC, where the customer transaction has to be made in person/store only. Since phone calls are no longer being answered, it would be highly logical for this type of system to be in place, especially for those that live within reasonable driving reach to the already limited store locations. Cause let me tell you, wasting 120 miles worth of gas just to find out a product is not actually in stock really blows. While I wouldn't expect everyone to agree (especially scalpers themselves) I feel a majority would at least feel better knowing that they can guarantee purchasing new hardware sooner rather than the mystery of later.


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    So, to be honest I don't the actual answer to this since those decisions are made at a higher level. For previous new product releases it's always been like this: in-store pickup only first come first served. That's how it was for the RTX 2000 cards, for the Zen2 CPUs, and others. So our process hasn't really "changed" per se. 

    I'm sure the idea has been thrown around at some point, but Micro Center made a decision to keep current procedures in place and utilize things like vouchers at the store to allow people to claim products. 
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