Is ryzen 5800x still in stock at micro center?

Is ryzen 5800x still in stock at Micro Center? 
For some reason, my laptop just died (RIP), and need to build a new system. However, I am not sure about the availability of ryzen 5800x or the upcoming Radeon 6000 series in the Micro Center.  For me I live in NJ so I just want to know will I be able to get them both at the same time around the 18th of this month when the 6000 series launch.
And besides, is there anything that I could use to temporally place the system? I pre-ordered a case and it is not going to come here till late December. 


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    Looks like we're sold out across the chain as far as I can tell. I know we'll get more at some point, but I don't know when the Paterson store gets shipments. 

    You could use one of the third-gen processors as a placeholder, but we don't do "loaners" if that's what you mean. 
  • oh lol thanks for that update
    I will probably wait a bit then for the 5000 series to come
    What I said at the end was actually wondering is there anything like a temporary solution to place the pc for a while that is available as an open test bench? since I am going to build a custom loop in the preordered case I am just trying to avoid building in any cases.
    I will probably call the store in a couple of days to get more info, and will probably try to get there on the 18th for GPU. 
    Thanks a lot for the update though!
  • JS_MC
    Hey, @ICantFindaName We don't have any test benches available. We are able to build computers in our service department, if that's what you're interested in.
    Best of luck on the upcoming launch!
  • @TSTonyV Is there any indication on over 5000 restock time frame? I'm not asking what day but I've read that we are talking 30-60 days between shipment waves.  Are you or anyone at Microcenter able to comment on that?
  • JS_MC
    Hmm. I haven't heard to be the case. I'd expect them sooner than that, but I don't have anything concrete for a shipment date. I'll ask around again to see what I can find out. If I learn anything that I can share, I'll be sure to post it here! 😊
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