Just lost a customer over $60

I bought a $59.99 Logitech keyboard in late May, 2020.  About 6-8 weeks after I bought it the "g" key stopped working.  Because of where I live and my travel requirements, I was not able to deal with the issue immediately.  I stopped by my local Micro Center today to just exchange it - it's still under factory warranty.

The salesman was very polite, very courteous and very matter-of-fact - there was nothing Micro Center was interested in doing to help me. 

I was welcome to file a claim with Logitech and (I assume) mail my keyboard back and wait a few weeks for another one to show up.  I guess not having a keyboard isn't a problem for people who work at Micro Center, but for me, it makes doing my job just a bit difficult.

Any company is great, helpful and appreciative of the customer when they're buying something.  A company's character surfaces when the customer has a problem.

Micro Center just failed miserably.

I understand why Amazon is bankrupting companies daily.

I shall not shop at Micro Center again.

A disappointed customer


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