Triple Monitor Stand Suggestions?

So, I've recently finished up my build and am now working on the Peripherals setup. I already chose my monitor, the ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ, a 27 inch, 1440p, 165Hz monitor. I want to get 3, and have, so far, already gotten my hands on 2. 

But now comes an issue, I don't want 3 different stands for the monitor taking up space on my desk, so I've started looking at stands, so far what I've considered are any stands that fir 3 27 inch monitors side to side, which each arm being able to handle AT LEAST 17.6lbs, since that's the weight of the monitors.

However I have no real experience seeing/dealing with these things, so do you have any recommendations? It also can't be wall mounted, it must either rest, or clamp onto the desk, since I can't actually drill holes in the walls at my apartment.


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