Rattling Noise New PowerSpec Desktop

Starfinder77 ✭✭
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edited November 2020 in General Discussion
Hi all,
I just purchased a desktop today, PowerSpec G434, and there is a faint rattling noise coming from the fans on the inside of the "ceiling" of the case.  Any ideas how to fix this, or should I just take it back to the store to be looked at?  I don't have the 2-3 year warranty, but the standard 1 year warranty should apply since I just bought it yesterday.  

This model is pretty much exactly what I have: https://www.microcenter.com/product/615142/powerspec-g434-gaming-desktop-pc

Thank you!


  • JS_MC
    Hello, could you check to be sure that no cables are touching the fan blades? If it's not a cable, I would definitely recommend bringing it back to the store. We'll be able to take care of you once we have more info!
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