Nvidia RTX 2000 availability

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Hi Microcenter, I am going to build a new computer, and started to do so on your site but it appears these cards are not available (Denver store). Could I get some input if they are? I don't yet have a specific model in mind other than the RTX 2070 line. Could I get some help?
Do you all offer that I can converse with one of your salespeople via phone or email so I can configure my build as if I were in store, and come pick it up? Thanks for any suggestions to help me get a build configured.


  • JS_MC
    Hello @KevinT
    At this time, we're sold out of the 2070 cards in our Denver Store. Personally, I think that NVIDIA and the board partners have switched their production over to the new 3000 series cards. I'm not sure that we'll be getting more 2000 series cards in stock.
    We do offer what you're looking for in our service department! Get a Customer PC Built the Same Day!
  • KevinT
    Thanks for the reply - and the 3000 cards are just as unavailable it appears, is there any feedback on when they are purchaseable, or even at what price? Is there another cryptocoin rush to grab all the video cards possible? 
  • JS_MC
    Right now, feedback is that the demand is greater than the production. We're getting shipments, just irregularly. Sometimes twice or more a week, others were lucky to get one shipment for the entire week. We're still working hard to get these cards to you in our stores as quickly as we receive them! The price is as listed on our website! Hopefully, crypto miners do not add any additional strain to the demand for these new cards but I can't say they wont.
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