My Cool Pc (The card is a Zotac 1070 - Micro Center Build

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imageMy Cool Pc (The card is a Zotac 1070 - Micro Center Build

I built this pc in pursuit of better gaming performance because playing at 20 fps was getting old. I built it in january this year which was when I found out about microcenter. I am planning on getting a 3080 and switching to ryzen. I might have stayed

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  • Sploosh
    Hey, I am too looking to upgrade my 1060 6gb. I have a i7-7700 cpu and don’t want to get left behind again in the future. I also “stream” so that is a big factor. Would you recommend the GPU you got? Or should I try to get a 2060 super/ 2070 super? :/
  • JS_MC
    Hey @Sploosh, not OP but if you're wanting to upgrade I'd either recommend upgrading to the 3070 or I'd wait to see if NVIDIA release a new 3060 ti. Because you mentioned that not wanting to get left behind, I couldn't recommend buying a previous generation GPU right now.
    Hope this helps.
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